We’re launching the REVIVE NETWORK

We’re launching the REVIVE NETWORK

2018-05-14 Press Releases 0

The Revive Network is a movement of churches and leaders dedicated to building and planting growing, powerful, presence-filled 21st century churches.

In recent years Revive Church has grown from one location to 7, with more on the way. Over the last few years we have also had a growing prophetic sense that we need to launch a way of allowing others who want to connect with the apostolic anointing at Revive to do so. With this in mind we are launching this movement…

Become a Partner church with The Revive Network and enjoy:

  • Connection with Jarrod Cooper, our network team, ministries and our leaders, for ministry, advice, consultation and friendship.
  • Your senior leadership team joins our High capacity Coaching stream, which includes 2 training days a year plus on-site training as desired.
  • Discounted placement in our leadership, kids leaders and creative summits
  • Enjoy our monthly ReFresh Leaders Forums, or invite us to do a “one-off” ReFresh in your area.

The Revive Network is only just forming. We know we are not a denomination, we are about friendship, apostolic influence, and the mission of revival in our nation and the world. Churches partner with us voluntarily and through friendship. There are no documents to sign and there is nothing that makes our partnerships formal and legally binding.  You can leave easily at any time – just be around for as long as it’s relevant to your journey and season. You do not have to leave your denomination or stream to be a part of our Network. There will be small charge to cover the basic costs of summits and coaching days. Chat to us about what that is at this time.

downloadRev. Chris Fleetcroft has just moved from leading our largest location in Hull, in order to give his time and energy to developing the new Revive Network. Get in touch with Chris to find out more – For further information contact chris@revivechurch.co.uk


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