Vision Sunday headlines!

Sunday 8 April we have just enjoyed a service relaying lots of developments in our vision and work for 2018. Here are the headlines:

Some important leadership restructure:

  1. We are launching a new network to allow more churches to join us as partners in our 20 locations by 2020 vision.
  2. To do this Chris Fleetcroft is going to start a new NETWORK department, with Jonathan and Lamia, dedicated to partner locations, networking and new locations/church plants.
  3. For this to happen we are making a leadership change in Hull location. We are not going to run Hull like other locations (a small dedicated location team) – instead Jarrod and his team are coming alongside the other leaders to lead the Hull location. This effectively means Jarrod becomes the location leader in Hull for this next season.

We were reminded of our Our Vision Statement:

INSPIRING GLOBAL REVIVAL through missions, events, media and partnerships.

EQUIPPING EXTRAORDINARY GENERATIONS through training, coaching, inspiring and releasing.

TRANSFORMING LOCAL COMMUNITIES through church planting, outreaches and social action.

We gave thanks for the following headline developments in recent history:

  1. We’ve gone from 1 location to 7 and we’ve grown from 240 members, to 700 in the last 12 years. There have been Amazing stories of lives changed across East Yorks through many outreaches, tours, 4 Sunday morning services and 3 evening services.
  2. We’re working in Debt counselling, schools, prisons, and influencing businesses, lawmakers, politics.
  3. 350 youth and children are reached each week in East Yorks through Revival Nation, Youth Clubs, New Life Support work, trips, Mother & toddler groups, plus 1800 more in our Colombian communities.
  4. We’ve seen moves of God’s presence touch and transform thousands of lives – resulting in miracles reported by Christian and secular media.
  5. Our radio shows Days of Wonder & REVIVE have impacted millions of lives.
  6. Our global missions have seen thousands saved, many miracles, leaders and churches touched and, at times, transformed.
  7. City Hall, church and arena events have drawn many to be inspired by God’s presence & power.
  8. In recent years Revive members have published 9 books!
  9. We have established a small full-time course (Revive College), part-time courses, creative classes, online schools, coaching streams, summits, missions opportunities….. Resulting in over 600 going through training courses, coaching and events last year.

Then we heard about various HEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENTS:

  1. We will take great auditoriums around the UK & Europe to begin to “inspire revival.”
  2. Our new TBN TV show can reach millions more! We will have a quality media ministry, broadcasting & “live streaming” the message God has given us to many.
  3. Teams will flow from Revive all around the world on missions, inspiring revival & seeing thousands saved.
  4. We will publish books, courses, albums, songs, art to inspire many.
  5. We are launching our new Revive Network, to establish partnerships with like-minded churches and leaders.
  6. We are trialing our Resonate Worship & Creative Summit in Nice, France this October, for the first time!
  7. We have just launched our new Worship Academy, for Revive Church members across the region.
  8. Next week we start a new “Prophetic course” – a new prophetic training dept. will be established soon. DETAILS HERE.
  9. There will be New Creative classes for church members and communities.
  10. To have an apostolic children’s ministry, training many how to lead children into the things of the Spirit.
  11. Our eventual aim is to have a large, full-time, training facility, equipping a new generation of revivalists!
  12. To get to 20 locations by 2020, mainly across Hull & East Yorkshire, transforming local communities in this region through major evangelistic pushes, driven by the Pioneer team.
  13. To partner with existing churches and outreaches across Hull & East Yorkshire, to reach many more with the Gospel and bring them into discipleship relationships (Church).
  14. To roll out job clubs, much more schools work, impact influencers, bring creative classes to communities, life skill type courses.
  15. Increased investment into Revival Nation youth across the region.
  16. To powerfully impact Kingswood by establishing our church base there – Kingswood would be our “local parish”, while the world is our “global parish!”


Our building project, as a new HQ for all this vision, is nearing the time of most intensity. April/May 2018 we have important meetings, planning and decisions being made. Please pray:

  • Favour with benefactors for finance and planning.
  • Release from the limitations of this “wait” so we can get on with the vision.

We are praying for a building as…

  1. A home for our worship, our encounters, our sense of God moving in our own lives – a place for us, our kids, future generations, to experience His glory
  2. A home for us to transform Kingswood and the north of Hull with the Gospel
  3. A home for us to train teams of leaders to transform their neighbourhoods, sending the Gospel across multiple East Yorkshire locations
  4. A home to equip & release a generation of revivalists to touch the world with Gods power, changing lives, communities, law, influencers, politics, arts, education, poverty, children, society at large!
  5. A home for thousands of lives to be changed in God’s presence – miracles, healings, transformation of many lives and families.
  6. A home to broadcast from, to model Spirit filled church, to innovate from and re-think the church of the future!
  7. A home for us to launch from, on missions around the world!
  8. Pray for breakthrough – find out more here:






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