The Greatest Leadership Change I Ever Made!

One of the greatest changes in leadership I ever made, was to stop going on leadership conferences on my own, and to start taking my leadership team and key church influencers with me! Instead of getting all excited about development on my own, suddenly all my influencers started to drive improvement and moves of God with me! It was TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Not only was the download of new ideas and powerful encounters multiplied through my team, the time spent around meal tables and chatting and dreaming late into the night changed us all. We truly became a team.

So simple, yet so powerful.

Why not consider booking your entire team into our Spirit and Word Leaders Summit, and making it the start of a transformational time in your own church?

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STOP PRESS — Great news… Ken Gott is now joining us at our Spirit and Word KenGottLeaders Summit in March 2018! He’ll be alongside prophetic ministry Rachel Hickson and remarkable church builder, Dave Smith … It’s going to be a powerful and strategic time!

Ken Gott is the leader behind a major move of the Holy Spirit in the mid 1990’s, that saw hundreds of thousands powerfully transformed as nightly meetings continued for years in the north east of England. Ken and his wife Lois, provide apostolic cover for Bethshan Church and spend their time in the North East engaging in transformational projects and building the House of Prayer Europe. They continue to minister nationally and internationally.

There are just a few weeks left of the early bird price, so I wanted to give you this chance to get in early and more cost effectively. This event includes great teaching, round table time, ministry and two beautiful lunches across two fantastic days.

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What the Spirit and Word Leaders Summit is about…

How can we see growing, influential Spirit filled churches fill the UK? Churches that are awash with God’s glory and a culture of miraculous, but that also have a powerful sense of community and healthy leadership? The Spirit & Word Leaders Summit is all about that journey. Reflecting on the content of Jarrod Cooper’s book “When Spirit & Word Collide”, this 24 hour event seeks to gather leaders and talk openly, honestly, with vulnerability and faith about the real challenges of growing a supernatural church in the 21st century. Expect to be encouraged, lifted and inspired by vulnerable talks, refreshing worship, helpful Q&A, powerful prophetic ministry and invigorating discussion. This will be a leaders event like no other! Includes 2 beautiful lunches, refreshments throughout and a goodie bag (accommodation must be booked separately)

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Hope to see you and your team there!

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