NEWS: Steve Uppal to join Sharon Stone, Mark Stevens, Jarrod Cooper at Summit…

Dear friend

steve-uppalNEWS – Steve Uppal joining Dr.Sharon Stone, Mark Stevens and host Jarrod Cooper – Leaders Summit 2017

We’re pleased to announce that great UK leader and communicator Steve Uppal will be joining us as a guest speaker for our Spirit & Word Leaders Summit 14-15 March 2017!

Steve is a powerful preacher, great leader of a growing church, and one of the UK’s great new breed of apostolic ministries. His church is passionate about God’s presence and power, and revival in the nation, and has grown rapidly across the last decade.

Plan to come as a team, as a family…

Why not plan now to bring your leadership team, group of friends or family, and set aside these two days to seek God alongside some incredible prophetic ministry, great presence of God, and renowned speakers? Give time for God to invade your 2017 – let’s make this year remarkable!

Find out more about the conference and book in here: FIND OUT MORE

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Much love in Christ

jc sig

Jarrod Cooper

Conference host.


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