My Brexit Frustrations!

20140618-205413-75253183.jpgI am not a political animal, but the wall to wall scare-monger filled broadcasting from either side of the EU debate is frustrating me! There are arguments to say we should stay, fears about leaving, those who are convinced we can be great “on our own”, and those who feel the “EU project” is collapsing under the weight of a struggling Euro and a migrant crisis shuffling this way from other parts of the world.

In listening to the various arguments can I make a few observations, in the hope it will help my thinking re: the EU Referendum? Please do add your comments below as we all need all the help we can get!

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. A vote to stay, is a vote for the status quo. Really? Firstly, we could stay as we are. A vote to stay is a vote to remain. Now while life may be difficult for some in the UK, as someone who has travelled the 3rd world I would say life is, over all, pretty good in Britain right now, in spite of all our large contributions to the EU and rules about the shape of bananas! I think the EU has spread money to projects and parts of our nation that Westminster seemed not to, and for that I am grateful. But does that mean it will always be? Is the EU showing signs of unhealthiness? If we gave the EU a health check, listening deeply to its heart beat, we have to ask, is the EU about to collapse? Are we growing too quick too fast? Can the EU project work with such vastly different nations? What underlying agenda’s are at work in the corridors of power? Hidden heart defects come back to bite you if not dealt with. I guess the truth is that there is no such thing as remaining the same, so there is no vote for the status quo…. Things are going to change whatever we decide.
  2. Are Economics a good basis for a godly decision? Some would say there are BIG risks to leaving. But it appears that most of these risks are financial, and since when has making the most money been the primary factor for a moral, just, right decision? Economics are important, but not ultimate TRUTH. In fact the Bible warns that there are some evil sides to money that bring out the worst in us. Self-Enrichment is not the best basis for decisions, even though we need prosperity to run a good nation.
  3. Is short-term pain that bad, if something is right? Some have said we could have up to 5 difficult years after leaving the EU, as everything is renegotiated. But if this is a decision that will affect a century or more,  5 years of difficult adjustment is nothing if we do set our nation up for blessing and strength that lasts generations. We would be thanked by our grandchildren! Pain now for gain later is an attitude of maturity. All great nations, business leaders and heroes take risks and endure pain – but we have to ask if it is worth it. And, is it RIGHT? Would we be leaving a failing project or missing out on future blessing? I don’t know … so I pray for God’s wisdom.
  4. It’s about truth and value, not personality. Some seem to be backing the opinions of which ever politician they personally “like”. But this is a “value decision” about truth, mercy, justice, how God designed nations to operate, good and godly leadership, not the X Factor! It is ridiculous to refuse to vote for something because you don’t like a character on either team. I also personally think it’s not a “right or left” issue. Christians…let’s be prayerful about gaining God’s wisdom and try to cut through the media and personality issues.
  5. Are the political and business elite simply protecting their own economic stability? Many of the business, finance and political elite are saying we should stay. Their reasoning seems to be a worry over financial instability and its clarion call is using fear, a nasty, ungodly communication technique, whoever employs it. But is it simply the rich protecting their empires? Global finances hate insecurity and love the status quo (I don’t mean the band). So can we trust these opinions?
  6. Brussels is ungodly, Westminster divine? Really? Some talk of Brussels as the devil and that everything would be fine if we only had “control” back at Westminster. Firstly, while there are many good people in our places of power, there’s no doubting that there are plenty of self-seeking, narcissistic leaders too! Controlling “everything” sounds good, and it’s true that we can at least vote poor leaders out in a democracy, but I think we know Westminster is not a “cure all”. At the end of the day, a bad system filled with good people can be OK, but a good system filled with bad people, will always be bad. I would encourage the church to rise up and fill our places of power with  the good (Support those who are already doing this – there are many!), and the good, godly people – whether in Brussels or Westminster, will have hope of putting any system to good use. But it’s difficult which ever way we choose – so pray for those in power, where ever they are. Remember Christian you have a power greater than a vote – it’s called prayer. Believe that.
  7. Why do we have to be “IN” to be friends? Many have said, and I agree, that this is a time for nations to come together. It is the global shift of our times. And I think it’s good. Closer ties, joining forces, friendship is good. But there is a difference between unity and uniformity. Can’t we be best friends without marrying?! Isn’t true friendship about embracing diversity, not controlling each other? There has to be more than a “bond with me” or “hate me” choice, surely?! – True friendship gives freedom  – great leadership offers free will (Ask God!). It is crazy to think that we can only trade, travel, have our armies work together, protect each other, influence each other or enjoy each others nations, by becoming a Siamese twin – Surely two great friendly nations choosing to ENJOY (Not endure) mutual benefit is what unity is about?! This is what we should seek! My real friendships are about enjoying each others diversity, difference, opinions – without feeling the need to control or coerce. Somehow the EU project is losing the joy of friends choosing to protect, share, help each other. Why is that?

Prominent evangelist J.John states “I must acknowledge my personal unease about the European Union. Something has gone very badly wrong with it. We have somehow – largely without consultation – acquired a massive, faceless and impersonal bureaucracy which straddles our continent and entangles it with red tape“.

I’d agree with J.John there. Europe is becoming a worrying, over sized, law making, undemocratic project, as we try to bolt vastly differing people, economies and ways of life together in a way that is painful and ultimately abusive. The Bible shows that God gives free will – our leaders should do too. God is into “nations”, “tribes”, “people groups” and “kinds”… and He’s happy with diversity because only in our differences can we express His fulness. He loves the unity of diverse individuals, not coerced uniformity.

So after all this you’d think I’m going to vote to leave right?

Mmm I wish it was that simple.

I want a 3rd choice!
My problem is, I LOVE Europe! And the truth is that I don’t like either choice offered me. I want a 3rd choice: I want to be in Europe… (I grew up in what we used to call Continental Europe! I LOVE Europeans because I AM one!) But I also want our nation to govern itself, to have the wealth and ability to care for itself, the poor, and to reach out in care to other nations. I deeply want our nation to be multi-national, but not so densely populated we implode in a smog of over crowding. The British colony I grew up in (Gibraltar) is very worried an exit will lead to border closures leaving them locked into a 3 mile long peninsula. So I am torn, confused, irritated and frustrated at my two measly choices. I want a reformed Europe, and I want a Great Britain. And I just wish Europe and Brussels would offer its people that. The ability to be friends, allies, to trade and travel, to protect and co-operate, to laugh with each other (even at each other!), and to live together in a beautiful corner of the world.

Someone, somewhere .. reform Europe .. or else nations will leave, or it will collapse any way. Give us leaders who want to put people first, a Europe that is free, fun, friendly, godly, diverse, merciful, righteous, prosperous. For me, a Europe that is filled with God’s Kingdom at work among us. That would be a Europe I could enjoy.

I pray God gives you wisdom as you vote on the 23rd. And remember, it doesn’t end there, whatever the outcome. Commit to pray for Great Britian, Europe, our leaders, that God’s Kingdom would sweep our nations and our places of power. Truly, it’s our only hope to give us the land we dream of.

“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.”

1 Tim 2:1-3




26 comments on “My Brexit Frustrations!”
  1. David Patrick says:

    Sadly, ‘reform’ is not on offer as we’ve seen from David Cameron’s gruel-thin achievements.

    The bottom line is that the EU is not the same as Europe, and it was deliberately constructed to be anti-democratic – try voting out any of the FIVE presidents. You can’t. (Even David Cameron objected to Juncker’s appointment as president, but was overruled.)

    It appears that the EU is a re-run of the ambitions of Babel, which of course the EU parliament building is modelled on. It will all end in tears.


    1. Great points David! Thank you!

    2. jaucourt says:

      He never even tried for reform, that’s the problem. We’ve never fought for it – and it is a fight that could be won. I think a lot of European politicians see that although we have democratically elected EU politicians, the fact that the Commissioners are appointed by national leaders (in a similar way to the House of Lords) isn’t ideal, and neither is the lack of elections for a president. I do think this is a bit of a nonsense given the ‘democratic deficit’ that exists in the UK that no-one ever talks about (our electoral system, the House of Lords’ role in proposing and scrutinising legislation, and unless you live in Manchester or London, when was the last time you got to vote for the mayor of your local council?)

      I think the third option would be staying in the EU, but we use our power to reform it. However, we’d need a different government, because the current one has no interest in doing that.

      I found this article very useful for a (seemingly pro-EU) Christian viewpoint: It makes the excellent point that many countries in the EU are ‘unreached’ and that we have an opportunity in the EU to reach them far more easily than if we were ‘out’.

      I think too much is made of how ‘different’ the countries are in the EU. We share a Christian heritage with all EU nations, and at the end of the day, we’re all people. God called us to love everyone – so the differing cultures should make no difference. If we love only those who are like us, are we any better than the pagans (to paraphrase Jesus’ words)?

    3. widggget says:

      If we truly want to reach out to the unsaved in Europe we can do it whether we are part of the EU or not. That really is a non argument.

      The fact remains that the EU’s founding tenet is “ever closer union” – it’s a one-way ratchet, and we gave up enormous powers by signing the Lisbon Treaty. It will become the worst kind of dictatorship and there will be no way of changing the EU Commission that has sole power of making laws.

      Have you not seen the Youtube video where a hapless MEP pleads for more time to consider legislation before it was voted through the EU ‘parliament’? Whole swathes of laws were being approved, one after the other, with little debate and no scrutiny. For all the weaknesses of our Westminster parliament, at least laws are scrutinised by committees and are generally well debated.

      Juncker said it well, “There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties”

      Originial quote in french: Il ne peut y avoir de choix démocratique contre les traités européens…

    4. Ken Gorman says:

      We have heard so many so called ‘facts’ from both sides of the Referendum, and the truth is nobody really knows the full truth. However, leaving that aside, the truth is that if we remain, we WILL lose our sovereignty. Would you like your own natural family to be run and ruled by another person or group, where you could not make a decision without asking someone else? Which ever way we vote, there will be change in Europe, but we have a God who is SOVEREIGN. He will not be surprised either way, and His plans remain the same. One day this verse will come to pass. “Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him (Jesus), and given Him a Name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Ken)

    5. Great point Ken! Thanks for the comment.

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