Prophetic Word: It’s a New Season…can you see it?


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecc 3:1

Life has many seasons. There are seasons of dreaming, periods of preparation, times of silence and eras of learning. This is true of people, families, organisations and of course, churches. It was even true of Jesus. You can’t fight it, you’ve just got to recognise it and live accordingly.

But I believe many people and churches are entering a new season right now, and it is the season of possessing the promise. Of crossing over into hopes and dreams that we have been preparing for, for years. It’s time for favour, for fulfilment, for ownership, of breakthrough!

Here’s why I sense that:

Jesus is the pattern

In Luke 3:22 Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit, and in Luke 4:1 the Spirit compels him, not into ministry or greater fulfillment, but into the desert. I believe some of us have been in the desert in recent months. Do you agree?

In the desert Jesus was  tested by a brush with the devil – he is tested in his ambitions, his earthly appetites, his independence, his motives. Then it says “the devil left him until another season”. (4:13).

After this He started to move in the POWER of the Holy Spirit like never before! (4:14).

Have you had a tough year, last year? Realise…It’s OVER!

I believe many of us have been through a season of testing – where God has allowed circumstance, people and spiritual enemies to dig deep into our motives, sources, faith, appetites and pride. Our ego has been dug over, our motivations revealed, our weaknesses examined and our brokenness clear. We’ve been shaken, but we’re still here. We’ve been intimidated, but we’ve overcome. We’ve been through sorrows, but God has comforted us!

So now you need to recognize, the hard season has to end – it doesn’t go on for ever! If you’ve had a tough 2014 guess what? It was just a season. After the night, comes day. After winter, comes spring. After mourning, comes joy.

You don’t “camp” in the valley of shadows (Psalm 23), you go THROUGH it to your next season in life!

And so I believe many ministers, churches, godly men and women who’ve had a tough 2013/14 are entering a new season of possession in 2015! A new season of favour. A time when we’re clean enough to receive greater power, greater profile, greater favour and greater fulfilment. It’s time for God to give us things we’ve been praying for, for years!

So lift your heads and expect a change in climate, in authority, in possession, in power! Time for vision release, financial release, new influence, life fulfilment and greater impact in reaching people for Jesus!



13 comments on “Prophetic Word: It’s a New Season…can you see it?”
  1. Simon Bell says:

    Hi Is it possible to get the teaching series for ‘Crossing Over’ in a format I can download to my iPad? Many Thanks Simon


    1. Hi Simon…. Sorry but we only produce it on USB. I suppose you’d need it on iTunes or something, but that would be very costly per talk. If you put the USB teachings onto the PC/laptop you use to set up your IPad, you can then copy it across. Blessings. Jarrod

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