God of Miracles! Some stories…

God of Miracles! Some stories…

2014-10-07 Supernatural Reports 0

In the spirit of the thought that “They overcame by the … word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11) and, “if God does it for them, he’ll do it for you”, then here’s a few more testimonies from this year…

At the ONE Event in Lincolnshire, where we run the Holy Spirit stream each year, our young people ministered and saw lumps leaving, crutches no longer used, back pain leave many, knees reconstructing under hands – and there was one remarkable story if of a woman who had a neck brace on and had 2 vertebrate missing in her spine. She crashed to the floor, (with some of our team thinking “lawsuit”!) only to get completely healed! phew!

My personal favourite testimony this year is from our young peoples mission to Gibraltar – A message came after the trip: “Hey I wanted you guys to know (plz tell the other guys too, esp ones that prayed over me), but God has blown me away again! Lol I am healed!!!!!! :))))) … Completely!!!! of scoliosis… My knees & ankles are straight! I have physical arches in my feet that I’ve never had my whole life!!It’s all confirmed by doctors too who can’t understand how and I just kept saying God has healed me! My mum couldn’t believe it she was in tears and I just kept saying that’s the God I worship! Thank u so much for your prayers when u guys were over here. You all helped me so much! I feel like my faith has deepened and God really used u guys to show me the difference between believing God can do something & God will do something! I’ll be forever grateful! Thank you! Praying blessings over you all & your church”

Isn’t GOD amazing!

We had a couple of other amazing testimonies too – one of a lady with one leg shorter than the other. She was prayed for several times and her leg would jerk each time. At a subsequent hospital appointment, they discovered her legs measured exactly the same!

Finally, mid way through a message one Sunday I brought a word of knowledge about someone being healed of a knee problem. Someone was indeed healed in the room, but our editor forgot to remove this moment from the radio show broadcast, and when the teaching was aired on UCB, someone was healed of the same problem over the radio! Wild!

You gotta say…


This weekend we’ve got a team ministering on the streets of Prague – please pray for them!


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