Thriving as a Single & Finding a Partner!

Thriving as a Single & Finding a Partner!

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Now available on itunes

Now available on itunes

One of the most potentially life altering things we all face is singleness and finding a partner for life. Get it right and it can fill your life with blessing. Get it wrong and life can be full of pain, rejection, shame and second starts.

Song of Songs has a reoccurring theme woven into it’s romantic prose – “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires”. (2:7) This amazing little book shows us romantic love is as unyielding as the grave, a consuming fire. In other words it needs to be handled carefully and wisely – otherwise it will burn you for life! Don’t awaken it, don’t handle it, til you are prepared for it emotionally, intellectually, relationally.

Thankfully the Bible is full of little secrets of how to live as a single person and enjoy it! It also teaches us how we are to find God’s partner for life and fulfil all God has for us. Wonderfully it also teaches how to put thing right when it all goes wrong – that’s our God of grace!

The Single Life and Finding God’s partner for Life is over 50 minutes of teaching by Jarrod Cooper in both a live and studio setting, showing what the Bible teaches about dating, finding a partner, sexual purity and living above the shame of sexual struggles. It teaches great attitudes to cultivate to enjoy a happy single life and how God will line you up to meet the person He has planned for you! This is one of our most requested and most responded to teachings!

Download it for yourself, for your older children (15+), or for your single friends!

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