A divine diagnosis…


Let’s play a game. Let’s say I was a “spiritual” doctor …and you came to me because something was feeling a little different in you, and you wanted to know what had changed. Well, Christian, I’d give you a “full being scan”, sit you down and say….

“I have some news for you. I have scanned your entire body, soul and spirit and found something. I have indeed seen what is causing these changes in your entire being. I have diagnosed you with a virulent, aggressive case of JESUS.

This means you are going to go through some rapid changes, and there is very little I can do about it. JESUS can be quite fast acting, often simply overwhelming the normal functions of your being.

When people catch JESUS there are some main symptoms that take place:

Your body will begin to be protected and strengthened. Your anti bodies will work better, your stress levels will decrease and you will fight off every disease, sickness and injury. Your body will repair quicker than normal and many diseases will simply bounce off you without you even knowing they came knocking.

This aggressive case of JESUS will make you more patient, loving, long suffering and kind. Where as before you caught JESUS, your love would become depleted, now a deeper sense of security and approval will fill your life, leading to stronger feelings of grace and compassion toward others.

Being infected with JESUS means that many giftings are heightened, strengthened and begin to appear in your life. Sometimes it’s like JESUS has a life of his own, and you will begin to think thoughts, have feelings and longings that seem far more noble, sacrificial and bold than you would think sensible. It is as though He is fully living in you, though you never actually lose your free will entirely.

With such a severe case of JESUS I would expect you to be taken over until your whole soul and spirit feels as though it is in heaven itself. Wisdom, peace, love and strength tends to increase year by year and when you eventually die, you find that death has no sting anymore.

Now, it is entirely possible for this condition to go into remission and fade over time, but continual reading of the bible, praise and a concentrated obsession with what you have caught will only strengthen it. The only way to get rid of this change is to completely ignore it as if nothing has happened.

I have to tell you though, you will never be the same again if you keep obsessing on what you have caught, as those who truly build their lives around the identity of their condition, tend to become entirely new creations, not even remotely resembling their original self. In short life will forever be different, downright heavenly in fact!”

How’s that for a diagnosis?!

O well! Ha! I think I’ll just have to put up with heaven in my heart! You? 😉

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