Revive (New Life) Church on BBC 2

BBC Question of Faith
New Life Church featured on this BBC 2 television show on healing & revelation recently.

GCSE Religion students will use this program as part of their study on revelation and healing in coming years.

We pray that every student that watches the program would be touched by the reality and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

VIEW on BBC Question of Faith webpage


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    Amen Jarrod. The visit by young non-Christians to a service for healing at New Life Church, followed by a short discussion in a small group of Christians, Muslims and otherwise-believing youngsters is fascinating. A Muslim’s very telling reaction portrays the basic difference between the two faiths – and he’s not as open as a fellow Muslim who heard Nina’s testimony. The full programme on BBC iPlayer covers other topics, including suffering of children, and is recommended viewing. A full account of Sandra’s healing at New life may be seen in

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