How we Pastor at Revive Church

20130110-080136.jpgAs soon as a church reaches a membership of more than about 150/200, people start to say (or feel) “The Pastor no longer has time for me”.

The experienced among them will know that is a literal truth, not a criticism. The classic church, led by one Minister/couple simply will not be able to give everyone the same time when a church starts to reach into the many hundreds. The Senior Ministers role becomes to deal with the complex issues, and give time to groups of leaders, training and vision development.

So here’s how we face that at Revive Church:

Once you become a member at Revive Church, by attending a WELCOME LUNCH, you are allocated your own Pastor. We have over 20 incredible mature people who look after all our members. These people literally have the biblical Ephesians 4:11 gift of being “Pastors”.

Your Pastors are here to help you if you have a need, are in hospital, are getting bored, backslidden or stale in your Christian walk (They’ll recommend what steps to take next). If you need godly advice, or don’t know where to turn – turn to them!

Get to know your Pastors. Ask their advice – they are all proven, godly, spiritual people – who could each lead a church in their own right, but choose to work together in the Revive Church family.

Bonus thought:

This is all based on Exodus 18:17+ where Moses is advised that he’s exhausting himself and not really helping the people, by trying to be everybody’s Pastor! So they set up a system where good godly people, care for groups of people. The result was “He made his load lighter” (vs22) and “everyone went home satisfied”. The shared load, was the godly way to lead.

Thank God for such an incredible team of people among us who give us all Pastoral support!

Much love

Jarrod Cooper
Senior Minister


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  1. I would like to thank Marion for a wonderful inspirational sermon/talk yesterday. I admire both David and Marion so much really think someone should write their story, to go to Gibraltar as they did with two young children and no support from gib or uk is fantastically brave. A wonderful example to any young Christian today. All I know is from the book David wrote for Zac, would love to fill in the gaps. I know I have put this in the wrong place, but not sure how to message NLC .

  2. pingreenPaul seymour says:

    So true, when at theological college the figure from church studies was set at 120 per (in my setting) vicar. Those of us who are wise have lay teams way before we get to that level but as you say it is different callings to lead a church and to pastor. Having a small but growing church of 70 (up from 40in three years) I still need to do both but growth requires more of a CEO type ministry in which you pastor your lay leaders, do not undervalue the pastor in you do for them because that is what makes it work for them. God bless you

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