Miracle Reports #2013


I’ve just been reading through the supernatural reports from 2011-2012 and found them so inspiring! So I’d thought I’d update you on just some of the remarkable things God has done in 2013, in around our community.

Every year we have the privilege of hosting the Holy Spirit seminar stream at the 10,000 strong ONE Event in Lincolnshire (Check it out here if you’re interested in joining us!). After our seminar teaching we found ourselves with just 8 minutes to pray for the sick in one of our sessions – But what happened in those 8 minutes is nothing short of amazing!

One man whose foot had been in pain since 1974 was instantly healed! 6 deaf ears opened, tumours left several bodies, spines were realigned, cataracts disappeared and one woman got out of her wheelchair, as our our amazing team of youth prayed for around 600 gathered!

Later, the woman who had left her wheelchair wrote to us: “I came to ONE knowing that I was unable to walk any distance and suffering considerable pain if I pushed myself to do anything much. We came equipped with a wheelchair and obtained a ONE disabled car park permit. I have not used the wheelchair since and no pain killers!

On Wednesday this week I saw the Rheumatologist who took further Xrays of my knee as the MRI of the spine and pelvic regions showed no Stenosis and minor wear and tear. He was somewhat mystified by the cause. He felt that I should not need to visit him again on a regular basis unless the condition returned.”

Another wrote to us as we had prayed for cancer conditions at the ONE Event the year before too:

“I just want to update you with what happened after you prayed for me at ONE 2012. You prayed for complete healing for the Bladder Cancer I was going through. I’ve now had 3 clear results, and have to have tests every 6 months, but I really believe He has done it. That’s 2 types of cancer I’ve been healed from in the last 9 years. Thank you so much . I listen every Sunday on UCB.” PRAISE JESUS!

At our Hull City Hall event in June, we had a little boy with callipers and “walkers” giving them up on the street, alongside an older lady who gave up her Zimmer! Deaf ears open once again (We have finally stopped counting the deaf ears after we got to 50!).

One lady “tweeted” after hearing of the event and headed over the same day, as her husband had 3 tumours in his cheek. We managed to get him into the fully booked event, and here’s the testimony months later:

“Went to see the surgeon again this morning to discuss the 2nd MRI Scan taken in October (after being prayed for in June) and he said that the tumour(s) in my face in May/June have completely disappeared and no treatment is required!! The surgeon couldn’t explain what had happened – but I know!! Thank you Jesus for Your Healing Power! Hallelujah!!” LOVE IT!

A few of us had the privilege of ministering in Spain, as a church from my old hometown of Gibraltar gathered to seek God for a weekend. The highlight was praying for people gathered in a nearby opening in the woods. Bodies fell under Gods power, people wept, and some remarkable healings took place under the Mediterranean sun! God’s power knows no geography!

And it’s also wonderful to hear of people healed after “waiting”. Sandra McKinley, who was healed after 7 years after she had broken her back, also received healing from a deaf ear in June! We heard of another who we had prayed for who was deaf, and “nothing happened”. 3 weeks later her deaf ears popped open!

And the stream of God moving just continues! Our youth have taken crutches away from people while on mission, and they’ve been swimming the next week! We’ve prayed for people in the city centre, train stations, homes, missions – and God has moved again and again! I’ve even heard of the dead being raised during one of the missions, but as yet is unverifiable. But we know this time is coming!

People ask why we need miracles. Is it all about phenomenon? Some people object to me writing these blogs or tweeting when God does something – but the Gospels are FULL of miracles! Jesus liked them being written about! “We overcome…by our testimony!” So i’m going to tell the stories and revel in them with thankfulness to God!

Once you’ve seen a dear friend like Stewart (our chair of directors) weeping in thanks to God before our congregation, that “God had put his family back together” by healing his wife.

Once you’ve seen a couple walk hand in hand for the first time in years due to God’s miracle power meaning she no longer needs walking sticks!

Once you see people like Michael Lockwood, who “carried his wife across the altar” for the first time after leaving his wheelchair (He hadn’t been able to, due to a stroke before they had married), and hear that he can now “play football with his boys!”; and you see people giving up disabled badges and disability cars and starting businesses – you know God is loving people back to full dignity, health and freedom. That’s what miracles are – they are LOVE.



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    Thank you for the update Jarrod, and it’s great to read David’s comments about his son’s amazing healing that we were privileged to witness. (My http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-3Co also refers to this.)

  2. david jones & my little boy Dwayne jones says:

    Dear Jarred and your amazing team thank you in the mighty name in Jesus I never believed ? my youngest son Dwayne Jones the operation he had in chelsea & Westminster hospital November 2012 the pain Dwayne went through in a Wheal chair for 2 months then with Gators I e plastic shoes for support then trainers that go over the top Walking frame he had too really on then we came as a family in June when Nathan Morris placed his hands on my family next morning we returned back out side the town hall your team started praying for Dwayne the Gators were removed the walking frame also removed ?Dwayne started walking with out aide I took Dwayne straight away brought him some knew trainers Jermian could not see out of his left EYE then he could also see I was a non believer but I am know thank you Jesus when is the next convention with Nathan Morris in town please let me know your T V network was going too make contact is this still happening ? if so when thank you all my youngest son can know Walk thank you Jesus yours sincerely David Jones

    1. Amazing David! Wonderful to hear from you! God is soo Good! We are hoping to have Nathan with us in October time…another great time to meet God! Blessings for 2014!!

  3. david jones & my little boy Dwayne jones says:

    Dwayne had cerolporsi had too really on leg gators & walking frame -then when we came as a family to your service in hull Nathan Morris -placed his hands on my family then the next day came out too the town center & your amazing team stated praying for my son then removed the gators these are plastic shoes for support then big trainers over the top then also removed the walking frame then my yourgest son started walking without ade this was amazing thank you Jesus this was a farther that never believed I throught it was a load of promises the never happen thank you Jesus I know believe Nathan did say your amazing team would stay in touch and monitor Dwayne’s progress let’s pray your team will get back in touch your sincerely David Jones

  4. Oluranti Olajumoke says:

    Dear Jarrod,

    i have never been to your event but listened to you on UCB radio and blessed by your ministrations. Please pray for me to witness his mighty hand in my life IJN. I pray that God will continually use you and your ministry for His work here on earth in Jesus name.


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