On God’s Lap!


i-have-seated-you-in-heavenly-places“…He raised us up, and seated us in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus” Ephesian 2:6

In a state of “almost awake” yesterday morning, I had a dream.

I was worshipping, kneeling before God’s throne. Then, in my dream, I leapt off the floor and jumped on God’s lap! For a moment there was that flash of worry – Was I having an irreverent dream? Was it OK to do this?

Then I sensed the smile of my Heavenly Father, and that verse from Ephesians “I have seated you in heavenly places” came to mind. “I want you to be the victor with me, in me, by my side – not a victim in life’s circumstances.” I sensed God say. “Worship is of course wonderful, but also remember to rule and reign as my child, with all the authority I have given you”.

So, don’t be just a worshipper today, though that is vital. Choose also to rule and reign in life, through the gift of grace given by Jesus. Speak to a few mountains. Declare a few decrees of heaven. Let the joy of heaven flood you – You are a child of The King!

Romans 5:17, Mark 11:22-24, Revelation 1:6.


3 comments on “On God’s Lap!”
  1. Oluranti Olajumoke says:

    Dear Jarrod,

    thanks for your messsage. Pls pray for me regarding;  – The release of our indefinite stay –  for doors to be opened and me fulfilling destiny –  that He will fight our battles of life for us –  His mighty hand in the life of my son and spouse –  the fruit of the womb –  for more of Him in my life, that i live my life to please Him alone. –  as we move to a new house, may we not experience any evil, but may His presence ever be with us IJN

    Please do you have a branch in Bolton or around it?

    thank you



    1. christine waring says:

      Dear Oluranti , Please just know that I have prayed for your needs in agreement , Much love and many rich blessings in Christ Jesus, Amen , Christine

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