A prophetic word


soon-the-spring-will-come-and-the-season-of-singing-will-beginMy dear child,

You asked for a greater anointing, to know me more deeply, to move in my power more purely. And this shaking you are experiencing is not a work of the enemy, but actually my response to your prayer…

This crushing you are going through. This humbling, waiting, confusion. This holding still and being faithfully patient. These are all the answer to your prayers.

The misunderstandings I allow, the persecutions, the accusations against your integrity and questions of your motives; I allow them all to cleanse you deeply, deeper than kind words from my throne, or the sweet experiences of my presence.

No, it is the desert of testing and trials that prepare you for power. The tension, the exposure, the emotional stresses, the whispers of “has God said…?”, the pruning and the reduction – they all dig deep into the motivations of your soul and create in you the clean, unadulterated purity of heaven. All my sons, even the Son of Man, went through these. (See Luke 4).

But be encouraged – death precedes life in my Kingdom, not the other way around. Cleansing leads to usefulness. Fire fades. War ceases. And soon the spring will come, and the season of singing will begin. Day will follow night, and shouts of victory will return. I promise.

So know this – In every season, my love for you remains the same. Hold your peace. I am answering your prayer. Thank you for being obedient and desiring this highest Way. You will be rewarded.


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  1. SAlly hinds says:


  2. Laura w says:

    I hope this is for me. I gave my life to Jesus 3 years ago and my life and my families lives have been in utter chaos ever since. My husband walked away from me and Jesus (got saved at the same time) I am clinging onto Gods promises ….still. I believe my family and my marraige will be restored and the panic attacks will go. I found this on favourites on my phone…. I did not put it there! God bless you mightily Jarod!!!

    1. I will pray for you this morning Laura. Psalm 23.

  3. Debbie says:

    Thanks Jarrod. This a a word in due season. God bless you!

  4. Alan Mottershead says:

    Hi Jarrod….. What perfect timing, I have just been praying this so much recently, the why…when….explain to me…..please help my understanding. After returning home from a one hour prayer walk I found this Facebook posting in my news feed, written 2 years ago, but just in perfect timing for my prayer…..thanks Jarrod……thank you Jesus for revealing this to me NOW, perfect timing, as ALWAYS….

    1. God is sooo good!!!

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