I Am With You


a-life-well-lived“In everything he did he had great success, because The Lord was with him” 1 Samuel 18:14

This verse speaks of the secret of King David’s success. Very simply, God was with Him.

Surely our own success can be no different? Though skills must be honed, we will win our battles by the faithfulness of God. Though our morality pure, it is God’s grace that will ultimately win out. Though our friendships strong, there are times when only God can bring us through.

Ultimately, a life well lived, is a life lived in friendship with God. Make that your aim, and you will find success follows you like a moth to a flame.

“God be with you” today.


3 comments on “I Am With You”
  1. Tony says:

    So true, thank you.

    I’m certain that intimacy with Him is at the heart of creation, and why He went to the Garden to fellowship with Adam & Eve. King David had the key to this amazing truth.

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