A Man, Just Like Us


god-always-has-and-always-will-use-very-normal-people“Elijah was a man just like us” James 5:17

We would love to think people that move in miracles, claim to hear God’s voice clearly and fulfil great destiny’s, are people that are somehow wired completely differently to us. Perhaps they float dreamily in a heavenly encounter every night. They glow. They feel good all the time. They perspire sweet aromas and never lose their tempers.

Well, the truth is, God always has and always will use very normal people just like you and me. People who lose it, have bad hair days and who don’t always know if they’re “doing it right”! People who get depressed, feel fakes, fear, have weaknesses, relational fall-outs and sin occasionally.

Let’s drop that feeble excuse in our heads, that all our spiritual heroes have some heritage that sets them apart. Some unattainable secret. That we could never match that. No, start being extraordinary today, by letting God add his “Super” to our “Natural”. How? By simply asking and trusting Him to do just that. It is then that you will truly understand AMAZING GRACE. It truly is AMAZING!


One comment on “A Man, Just Like Us”
  1. The day you posted this, I was at my friends’ church and their pastor said exactly the same. Elijah seems to be coming up a lot at the moment.

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