Watch People get out of Wheelchairs – Latest Miracle Videos!

Watch people leave wheelchairs and tell their amazing stories of God’s healing from injury, strokes and falls. These three people were either wheelchair bound, in some cases also deaf, others had agonising pain for over 6 years.

Hear and see their amazing stories of God’s incredible love and healing as the Spirit moves in Hull.

Videos Open in You Tube:

Sandra’s Story. Injured in a fall, Sandra, a member of our church, was completely healed after a 6 year battle:

Lasette’s Story. From being carried to her hotel room to dancing! On a visit to New Life, hear how God’s power touched this wonderful lady and hotel reception staff got saved!

Michael’s Story. Transformed from wheelchair to the Gym!

If God has done it for them, He’ll do it for you!

Join us on our Revival Fires tour around East Yorkshire to seek God for your healing. He loves you!! MORE INFO.


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  1. Fantastic evidence to confound not-yet-believers. Many thanks for long-awaited clips so we may better share what happened in March with friends. Also serve as most helpful ‘ammo’ for debates with atheists, as experienced by myself and a couple of other bloggers over the Healing On The Streets issue with Advertising Standards Agency ruling against saying ‘God can heal’!! Have also done brief summary on

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