A Fresh Miracle Anointing

I have never known miracles take place right across the nation with such ease! And it keeps flowing even after the special weekend at City Hall:

One of our guys, Chris Shore wrote on Facebook: “So on Thursday I saw a paralysed woman get out of her wheelchair and start dancing. On Friday I saw a woman on crutches walk hand-in-hand with her husband for the first time in years. On Saturday I saw a man with MS waving his sticks in the air. Sunday was fairly quiet, although I did bump into a guy who got his leg healed outside the Travelodge. Oh and the church was pretty full too. I had to sit on the floor. Africa? No. Welcome to the UK :)”

We are hearing of major conditions like MS & Cerebral Palsy being healed, as well as pain leaving loads of knees, backs, joints; from Scarborough to Cambridge, Tiverton, the Midlands. Something is breaking out!

On Thursday I was ministering at Steve Uppal’s church in Wolverhampton. Part way through my message God interrupted and in 20 minutes we saw pain leave about 20 people – A man left without his crutches and another was healed of deafness in a matter of seconds!

Last night at New Life Hull people’s sight was healed, deafness left, pain healed. This one from Fiona Gray: “Last night I had healing prayer for my feet….I have lived my live so far with varying amount of pain all my life (I was born with talipese, more commonly know as club foot) And although I have still lived a fairly ‘normal’ life it has as times caused me limitations, but every day I had pain, some days worse than other days, but always there. Last night I went up for prayer… the pain went! Seriously! I could not stop walking about… I do not ever remember walking without some level of pain. Incredible! This morning I got out of bed carefully, usually I can only walk on my tiptoes when I first get out of bed, but not this morning, feet flat to the floor and no pain!! I have to say that my feet feel very strange, but still NO PAIN.”

We have now seen 13 different people’s deafness healed in 10 days! Some have said the ticking of their clocks is now too loud! How’s that for healing?!

God is on the move!!


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  1. absaslutly amasing i was there at wolvahampton i live in minehead but i am still waiting for my healling nathan did lay hands on me and my husband simon wheatley my husband smashed his tibiya and fibula and ankle bone 19 years ago and becouse he was diagnosed with ceptercemia at the time to this day he has had no pinns and plates in his legs and simon get told by his doctors we cant do the knee replacment as they say his leg is a mass of cracks and they are not sure where to start to fix it but he is driving artic lorries still after 38 years pulling lorry and drag to farms all over this country but we have gone to don stewert s crussade in london twice and i know that si was touched by the hand s of jesus and i know that one day si will be healled compleatley i cant wait till that day then he wont have to start having cortozone injections for the artheritus in it now please pray for simon we are going to go to the victory church in commbran wales soon we live right down in minehead somerset and please would you pray for my vericoise vains in both legs and dry macula in both my eyes as i am going blind and diverticulitus and very bad bladder problems now had them from child hood and had to go to the loo evry twenty minites so i am waitin for jesus for my mirricles and i am very over waight and i get depressed please god i love you and all my family got baptised so we are very mutch belivers sorry about my spelling i also work volentry at my hope center in minehead looking after drug addicts and alcoholics and the homeless there are 28 people so please pray for all of them i did take three of them to the fire confence in burmingham and with rainard bonnky and danell colannda and j jon it was amasing time so please pray as those people were touched by god that day please pray for my family my daughter 25 my son james 22 he has astbergers and struggles james is doing a plastering corse so i hope it will lead to a job and my daughter has a job holding a job down for long so we need praiyer for that and she is very over waight like me and her boy frend shuan has kicked alcohole cold turky and has beat it all he was staff sargent in the armmy for nine years he comes from North ummberland age 31 please pray for shaun thankyou it was great seeing Nathan morris god is doing amasing things thankyou for all the healling that we saw amasing from Antoinette wheatley o and please would you pray for a guy called Danny shaun s frend he met on the streets and is a glastanbry tiype of person and does drink a lot and smokes weed but he is staying in my house and him and shaun hope to start up a gaerdeing bissines togeter so lots praiyer please and thankyou x

  2. Hi Jarrod

    Another miracle healing fr you.

    We came up from Sleaford and brought a lady from Basingstoke with us. She had knee problems and received prayer during and after the meeting. Nothing. Then next day she knelt down to tend her dog and her husband said, “You are kneeling” – something she hadn’t been able to do for a long time. She had been completely healed and didn’t even know it.

    Thank you Lord, Hallelujah \o/

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