Behind the scenes #8 Open Air Miracles!

OH MY! Now I know we have a move of God on our hands. Miracles in a hall with worshipping Christians is one thing… Miracles on the streets through young people is another!

Our Youth Pastor Chris just led the most amazing Open Air event I’ve ever seen. It’s like being in the book of Acts!

20, perhaps as many as 30, people testified to being healed of joint pain, deafness, Carpol Tunnel, head aches, back pain, and so many other conditions I can’t remember! One guy (pictured) didn’t need his walking sticks anymore!

Basically we mixed worship, word of knowledge and a great team of our young people praying for those who came forward. When God did something in someone’s life, we brought them forward and they testified.

There was such an amazing sense of God’s presence on the street as perhaps 5-600 gathered to worship, joined by passing shoppers.

Afterwards people have been leading people to the Lord, one guy lay overwhelmed by the Spirit in the city centre and the healings continue!!

I had very little to do this afternoon as our amazing youth and worship guys did it all! Until someone walked up to me with a phone and asked if I’d pray for an unsaved friend with a broken cocyx over the phone. The lady had found a loo, and patiently allowed me to pray over the mobile phone. She says she felt a heat go through her body! WOW! Let’s see if she’s healed.

Strolling back to church, just amazed at how God is moving. A lady walked up alongside: “I was healed watching your Sunday service on the internet. I was watching, then realised afterwards, the pain in my legs had gone!! I’d even forgotten to pray about it!”

I drempt of occasions like this in 1996 – Today they are coming to pass. I BELIEVE GOD IS GOING TO REVIVE OUR NATION. THE CHURCH WILL BECOME A HOUSE OF GLORY ONCE AGAIN!



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  1. rebecca says:

    This is just wonderful to read. God certainly is moving in the North and East, and Heaven is invading earth! Hallelujah!

    I wonder if you know that there has been a team of Christians from many different churches offering to pray for healing with passers by on the streets of Darlington for the last 2 years, on alternate saturdays? Through Healing on the Streets God has touched many people’s lives, and we are seeing the Lord heal people fairly regularly, though we long to see much more of His kingdom breaking out in our town. Some people have come to salvation, and everyone who is prayed for seems to be touched by the presence of God. Illness of varying degrees has been healed, from cancer to alopecia, depression to spinal problems. But we just long to see greater miracles than these , and that many more would accept Jesus as their Lord, as a result .

    The team consists of some very faithful and passionate believers, who have persevered through the deep snow, bitter winds, and the rejection by some passers-by, to bring the kingdom out to the people who will not go anywhere near a church. We believe that God is honouring their pereverance and faithfulness. It would be lovely if you could encourage us all here.

    Healing on the Streets -Team Leader’s wife.

  2. Val Shepley says:

    Praise God! Hallelujah! That is so wonderful. I pray that the presence of God is with you in even greater power today. Spread the good news that the Kingdom of God is HERE! (And also at Christ Church Bridlington)

  3. des pilling says:

    Glory to god .amen

  4. John Plant says:

    I was there too – awesome, how good to see His church together worshiping and praising and then healings on the street – more Lord, right across East Yorkshire and beyond as You promised. Well done Jarrod and team. Have an even better time tonight, and then in your various locations.

    every blessing


  5. jon brewer says:

    Totally in awe of what God is doing up there in Hull. Keep running with the fire. Pray for us in Wales, we are getting ready to catch fire! Blessings, jon.

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