You too, can be Raised by Glory

girls-weekend-guide-to“Mary looked into the tomb and saw two angels sitting there, one at the head, the other at the foot of where Jesus’ body had been laid.” john 20: 12

Why were the two angels specifically at the head and foot? Perhaps that little tomb had been visited by the glory of God, and His presence had shone “between the cherubim” just like the Ark of the covenant, right where Jesus lay?!

The Father may have whispered to Jesus, just like Moses “I will meet you there, between the outstretched arms of the cherubim”?

I believe this is exactly what happened, as Romans 6 tells us “he was raised by the glory of the father” .

Take a moment in God’s presence today. If His presence brought Jesus dead body to life, then nothing is impossible in His presence! He’ll meet you too, between the outstretched arms of the angels!


2 comments on “You too, can be Raised by Glory”
  1. Only the one true God is divine………The Son Jesus and Spirit have made visible appearances on earth while the Father remained in heaven. The Holy Spirit appeared when Jesus was baptized looking like a dove descending from the heavens and resting upon Jesus.

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