Formal Biography (for event promotion)

Jarrod Cooper is an inspirer. Using speech, song, worship and prophetic ministry, he works in a challenging and humorous way to encourage the Church to reach higher in God. This work has taken him throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and America since 1990, speaking at churches, conferences, on television and radio and through writing for Christian magazines.

His main passion is that “the glory of the Lord would cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea”, and seeks to lift believers to a life in the supernatural, that will display God’s presence and power in every day life.

Jarrod has been involved in producing over twenty albums, including six solo albums, and the song he is probably most known for writing, King of kings, Majesty, is considered to be among the most popular contemporary worship songs. His latest albums “Beautiful River” and “King of Kings, Majesty” have been released around the world by Authentic Media, as has his book, Glory in the Church – a fresh blueprint for worship in the 21st century.

Jarrod is the Senior Minister of New Life Church, a vibrant missions church in Kingston upon Hull, England, and the Executive Producer of his TV and Radio programmes “Days of Wonder” which are broadcast in over 120 nations each week.  In 2010 he founded the New Life Christian Academy, a private Christian school educating 5-18 year olds.

He is happily married to Vicky who works as his P.A. and they live together in Hull along with their son Zach.

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